REVIEW & DEMO: MAKEUP FOREVER Step 1 Skin Equalizer (Smoothing Primer)


I'm not a big fan of primer. the only primer that I bought is Smashbox photo primer. I would say it does give the skin the smooth feel. But I doesn't like the feel on my skin. I felt it quite heavy and seems like I have fuzzy skin. Since I have a Huge size of pore. I don't find that the primer refine my pore. Especially I notice that it make my skin bumpy. far from the perfect skin. I've tried many primer that address to pore problem they all have the heavy and fuzzy feel.

So Early this year Makeup Forever launch a new series of primer. They called Step 1 Skin Equalizer, just like the previous primer, it has different formula that treat specific problems like dryness, oily skin, skin discoloration, fine lines etc. This line replace the old makeup forever primer. I got one my self early this year, after use it couple time I could conclude my opinion toward this primer.

I got myself Step 1 Skin Equalizer Smoothing Primer ($ 36). This primer claims:

'SMOOTHING PRIMER instantly fills in and blurs imperfections for silky soft skin. This satiny, non-oily formula evens out skin texture by minimizing pores, wrinkles and fine lines. Skin looks resurfaced and perfectly smooth for a flawless makeup all day long.'

The primer come in 30ml tube and 15ml tube.

First Impression:
I notice right away that this primer feel lighter compare to Smashbox Photo Primer. It still have a slight fuzzy feel. It does make the pores look slight smaller, and fine lines in my forehead look smoother. Also this primer is tinted but once blended, no color shown. The Primer also have a delicate fresh scent.

 I tried them with my Lancome Mat Miracle. Together they made my skin look wonderful without the feeling heavy. I set using Innisfree No Sebum Loose powder.

My skin last for about 3-4 hours before I drench in oil. I also notice that this primer doesn't make my skin bumpy and congested. I would totally recommend this primer for those who hate primer with heavy and fuzzy feel. This primer really does even out skin texture, the pore looks refine and my fine lines look smoother.

Special Thanks to @cristalbeauties for helping me to purchase this item.

I found that Lancome La Base Pro Pore Eraser ($38, 20ml)  also have similar texture, only it is not tinted.

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