DIY Cushion Foundation


last year cushion is a big hit in Korea, plus early this year Lancome has launched Miracle Cushion early this year with wide color range for every skin toneWhat is so good about this sponge soaked with foundation? isn't just like wearing foundation with sponge?

well based on my personal experience, it makes applying the base makeup more evenly and effortlessly. The cushion (sponge soaked with foundation) help to pickup foundation with enough amount and evenly. and all you need to do is stamp the product on your face. It's so easy to achieve a nice makeup base. No crazy buffing, no blotchy looking makeup base. My mom said that she always get compliment every time she use Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion and she also impress how easy and practical to use it and how it make her skin look glowing.
  "This product is part of our patented Fluid Capture Technology, which basically transforms a low-viscosity liquid into a refined emulsion via cushion delivery," explains Nathalie Paiva, senior manager of marketing and public relations at AmorePacific. "This allows for a uniquely weightless and buildable coverage."

That also means layering is not only possible, but encouraged: The more product you tap into your skin, the more dewy coverage you get. And that's not the only benefit: "The ability to incorporate a broad spectrum SPF 50 into such a light formula is a point of differentiation that sets this product apart," Paiva says. "Our research and development team worked tirelessly to ensure we could deliver flawless coverage without even a hint of the white cast that's so common in other SPF products." So now, you can reapply every two hours and get breathable, gorgeous coverage. Pretty genius, huh?
- Phillip Picardi, Teen Vogue
Sadly since it was from South Korea, I had trouble to find the shade that match my skin tone. I'm dying to try miracle cushion from lancome, but sadly not yet launch any time soon in Indonesia. So I decided to go on creative route and create my own Cushion Foundation.

1. Dispose the remaining product by took off the sponge, squeeze remaining product from the sponge then I clean the container.

2. You could also wash the sponge, but I just squeeze mine and left a little.

3. In the clean container I pump my own mix, and stir to combine them evenly. Then spread the mixture evenly, till it covers the bottom parts evenly.
    4. Put back the sponge to the container. Tap the sponge several time till the sponge soaked the mix.

    5. Time to try try your cushion, you could adjust the colour by add more darker color foundation if it was too light, vice versa.

    Ps. My secret mix
    • 3 part Lancome Mat Miracle
    • 2 part Innisfree Smart Foundation 
    • 1 part of Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream

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