REVIEW: Etude House Conditioning Cream Light


Etude House launch Face Conditioning Cream last year, only early this year I learn that the also have the lighter version for oily skin. The product act like a cream to condition/ prepare your skin so it shall be a nice canvas for your makeup later. I won't go crazy and directly buy the full version with out trying. So I grab a couple of samples to try.

I bought the sample a long time ago (Haul Post). I got this because I want to have a cream that help my foundation look good and have higher SPF than my Shisedo Ibuki Protective Moisturizer.

The cream claims:
"This is a quick and easy makeup boosting cream that smoothly conditions skin with its light and soft texture for a makeup-ready complexion."

according from broken translation from google translate the cream suppose to hydrating the skin, brighten the skin color while controlling the sebum production and  protecting from sun. So this is a cream to make your skin a perfect canvas for your makeup.
First Impression:
I use the cream after I use Shiseido Ibuki softening concentrate. The cream have a light texture and delicate scent. The cream quite hydrating and have a semi matte finish. Once I applied the cream I notice that my skin look less shinier and sticky. The cream does brighten up the complexion a little bit. I then try it with Lancome Mat Miracle foundation.

Overall, I like this cream for the spf and semi matte finish. You won't feel greasy. TBH, I don't notice anything different about the staying power or oil control. It's just a nice cream if for those who want one step skincare before makeup. It's light hydrating, brighten up your skin tone and have spf. But I don't think that I'll purchase this in the future.

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