Was it Worth? Anastasia's Dipbrow Pomade


Before I used to fill in my eyebrow with eyeshadow. But then one day suddenly every beauty guru include it in their tutorial video, and praised the Dipbrow pomade.

Honestly this isn't a groundbreaking, innovative product for me. As prior to this I've already try Make up Forever Aqua Brow. This product is also gel based eyebrow product, come in a tube packaging with wide range of color selection. And last year nyx also launch Eyebrow gel. 


First impression:
I get shade medium brown, I have a dark hair color. The color match my hair really well. The formula easy to apply and pigmented. The formula help to make my stray hair stay in place and the color doesn't fade easily over the time. My eyebrow look supper nice and clean. 

I regret that this product tend to have a reddish tone to it. Plus they tend to be pigmented and the color supper dark and deep, so it might be hard to find a perfect color for those who had a lighter hair color. Then I notice over the time, the formula wasn't as great as I first opened it. Over the time, and numerous time of usage the product tend to dry. It made the product clump when apply and hard to blend. I try to blend it only ended with blotchy eyebrow.

- Pigmented
- Helps to tame the hair
- Stay in place and not smudged

- The packaging came in pot, shorten the product life and application.
- The formula tend to be clumpy and hard to blend.
- Hard to achieve natural looking eyebrow.
- The color is too dark and had reddish tone. Might look good for those who had medium-deep skin tone.
In my opinion I would not recommend this product for those who had a lighter skin, or thin and wide eyebrow. because you don't want end up with wide and dark eyebrow. It hard to achieve a natural looking eyebrow with this product. Since it is super pigmented. I would reserved this product for special make up where strong brow look needed. In my opinion this product would look great for those who had medium to deep skin tone or you have a thick/thin eyebrow. Don't you ever think to make a straight korean eyebrow with this product. Personally I would go with Aqua Brow or NYX Eyebrow gel, since the packaging keep the longevity of the product and color selection that is less reddish tone compare to Anastasia.

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