REVIEW & DEMO: MAKEUP FOREVER Step 1 Skin Equalizer (Smoothing Primer)


I'm not a big fan of primer. the only primer that I bought is Smashbox photo primer. I would say it does give the skin the smooth feel. But I doesn't like the feel on my skin. I felt it quite heavy and seems like I have fuzzy skin. Since I have a Huge size of pore. I don't find that the primer refine my pore. Especially I notice that it make my skin bumpy. far from the perfect skin. I've tried many primer that address to pore problem they all have the heavy and fuzzy feel.

So Early this year Makeup Forever launch a new series of primer. They called Step 1 Skin Equalizer, just like the previous primer, it has different formula that treat specific problems like dryness, oily skin, skin discoloration, fine lines etc. This line replace the old makeup forever primer. I got one my self early this year, after use it couple time I could conclude my opinion toward this primer.

REVIEW: Etude House Conditioning Cream Light


Etude House launch Face Conditioning Cream last year, only early this year I learn that the also have the lighter version for oily skin. The product act like a cream to condition/ prepare your skin so it shall be a nice canvas for your makeup later. I won't go crazy and directly buy the full version with out trying. So I grab a couple of samples to try.

I bought the sample a long time ago (Haul Post). I got this because I want to have a cream that help my foundation look good and have higher SPF than my Shisedo Ibuki Protective Moisturizer.

Was it Worth? Anastasia's Dipbrow Pomade


Before I used to fill in my eyebrow with eyeshadow. But then one day suddenly every beauty guru include it in their tutorial video, and praised the Dipbrow pomade.

Honestly this isn't a groundbreaking, innovative product for me. As prior to this I've already try Make up Forever Aqua Brow. This product is also gel based eyebrow product, come in a tube packaging with wide range of color selection. And last year nyx also launch Eyebrow gel. 

I'm Back!


I've been MIA for a month! I've been gone a week before the Chinese new year and a week after. Then I concentrate to work on my shop. This week I just back from a trip. This years I wish for a good luck and hit for any upcoming project. Many reviews, tips and tutorial coming soon.

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