Review: Marc Jacob Beauty Style Eye-Con no.7 Plush Shadow The Lolita 206

This would be my first designer cosmetic product. I just bought Marc Jacob Beauty Style Eye-Con no.7 Plush Shadow in The Lolita 206. I don't think much about this shadow all I care is it is in discount. It's now or never. From the Picture I could see that this palette feature muted, natural color. I could rock it! READ the Review>>

First Look at this palette is the packaging it's really sleek and thin. It has a black glossy finish that collected finger print. There a silver push button to open the palette. 


The palette came with black nylon pouch and a teeny tiny sponge applicator. The pouch look cheep, but it's okay, the pouch really did the job to protect the case from getting scratch. I'm not a big fan sponge aplicator, since the pick up so much product, but they didn't transfer enough product on your eyelid.



The palette consist of 7 eyeshadow color with matte, metallic, frosted finish.
Color description*:
1. matte off-white cream,
2. matte nude,
3. matte dark coffee brown,
4. metallic warm pink with iridescent glitter,
5. iridescent champagne pink sheen,
6. light peach sheen,
7. rosy copper sheen. 

The matte color (1,2,3) are buttery and easy to blend and you could build the pigmentation.

The Metallic (4) is hard to work with, because it has a chunky glitter that fall out everywhere. I would suggest you not to touch it, It would be a glitter bomb. When I swirl my finger on the pan for swatch I could feel the glitter chunk and when I swatch it on my had it won't blend with the eyeshadow. When I apply on the lid the glitter falls everywhere. The frosty eyeshadow (5,6,7) Has nice pigmentation and easy to blend. 6 and 7 don't have similar buttery feeling, plus I notice that it is harder to pick  the product with brush. I use my finger that pad them onto my lid.
Overall most of the eyeshadow has a nice texture, easy to work with except for the #4. I use them with Canmake Lasting Multi Eye Base and the stay on for around 10 hours. The packaging is travel friendly, plus the case would protect the palette from getting scratch when you bring it along with you. I would say you'll love Marc Jacobs eyeshadow if you are into muted color.

I got this from @_themakeupjunkie in instagram, sadly the palette already out of stock :(. She also had another Marc Jacobs Beauty product on discount, make sure you check the shop.

*color description taken from

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