Beauty Brand: Aesop

Aesop is an Australian beauty brand establish in late 80's specialised in plant base and laboratory-made product. While other skin care brand use faces and provocative slogan talking about the innovation or the product's effectiveness, Aesop offer you product sample to try. And when you visit their signature store, you will get personal consultation from trained staff who will help you to find the product that suit your needs.
Aesop have more that fifty signature store worldwide. Each store interior have a unique different concept. They work with local architect and explore the inspiration from the surrounding environment. Take a look at Dezeen's post about Aesop store design and concept.

2013 Beauty Resolution


 "Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out"

1. Flat Iron 
    I'm not a fan of sleek straight hair, but I learned that we also can use flat iron to create a wavy hair style.
2. Get Make-up Brush
     When applying eyeshadow I use my hand to blend the product. I end up catch more product in my finger tip than my eyelid.
3. Try BB cream
    Before I've tried BB cream from Maybelline and but it made me breakout. But I never try the Asian BB cream. It claims to give your skin nice coverage while repair/heal your skin.
4. Make up Palette
    Enlarge my collection and experiment with colors.
5. Instagram my nail creation
    Doing my nails is a great stress reliever, I done it once to twice a week. Instagram my nail help me to
6. Drink More Water
    Moisturize your skin from outside wouldn't enough, need helps from inside. Right diet and enough water would do.

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2012 going 2013

image src. weheartit

Alone in my room in new years eve, I couldn't have the silent night since the rain stop and the firework began.  It's so loud at the point so disturbing rather than admiring. At the very last minute I canceled my plan to spend NYE with my friend. I think I love being by myself (and internet) a lot more. 2012 had been an adventurous year for me.
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