A month without a phone..

So this is what I experience and learn living without my cellphone for a month.

1. It's possible to live without cellphone, but not internet
When my phone died, I slightly panicked and  worried. I thinking what if someone tries to contact me about jobs.. But then I remember, I'm not even in the area , so I won't be able to take the job anyway. Some works is obviously delayed, I still manage to overcome the crisis and solve everything. So don't panic, just take a deep breath and relax, then you shall find the solution. (p.s. this tips of take deep breath and relax, could not be  applied in solving math problem :p)

2. My cellphone is more that just a cellphone
It is also my watch, my calculator, my entertainment, my inspiration source, my diary, my personal assistant, my music player, my camera...

3. I read.. real book..
Since most of the time I entertain myself by reading random news in snapchat discovery or going through thousand of bloglovin's feed, I hardly ever had time to read books, like actual book with paper. Since I've been missing my biggest entertainment source, I back to the time when cellphone is not as multi function as it is now, reading a book.

4. Good thing that my laptop is still working
Yay! I still have my laptop. Although you could not bring it to bed, because of the heat, the noise it's made. thank god I bring my laptop.

5. You'll know who truly care for you and reach out for you
When you are unreachable, you could easily know who truly care. when you've been out of the radar they will try to find your where about and ask you what happen. Relax my cellphone just broke, and I won't risk to get it repair in shady place.

6. or he/she/ whatever pronoun prefer by the person is just a creepy stalker
Yes creepy stalker always know your where about even though you try to slow down any social media post...

7. Don't use fake charger
The biggest bet is my phone battery life is reach the maximum, so it died. Orrrrrr I use fake cable charger from china. A long time ago while charging, my phone give me notice not to use fake accesories to charge or you may damage your phone. I ignore and continue charge my phone with it andddd.. here I'm in 21st century, 2016 doesn't have cellphone, and I'm just 23.

8. I shop less...
Since I couldnot sign in to any messenger service, my communication just limit to emails. I could not contact the shops to shop. So I don't buy... Sorry economy, I could not help you this time.

So how long you've ever been without cellphone? what's your experience?

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Runway Beauty : Marchesa F/W 2016

This makeup look from Marchesa Fall/Winter 2016 show could be easily recreate for your next day date. It has the touch of romantic and lively look. Clean fresh velvety skin pair with rosy cheek and pink lips. Then use clear brow mascara to Finish with couple coat of mascara. Psssstt stamp the mascara on the roots, this will naturally line your eyes.

cheek / eyes / lips

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What a June I had!

Remember how I promised to constantly write something, well so much going on this month. Earlier this month I help my friends. I teach English! surprise! well I'm not the best choice, but I tried. That keep me busy for 2 weeks, and then I had Dengue Fever. although I only hospitalize for 3 days, then I decided to go home. because I don't trust my self to nurse me back to health, and my grandma Tjong passed away. Then my phone broke, and I couldn't repair it until I get back to jogja like in early august..

June is a month of taking chances. First.. I try to teach! Next, I had my hair cut short! My head feels so light and I look hella cuter (self proclaimed). I always hesitate to cut my hair short again. Once when I was a teenager, the hairdresser in my home town are not talented enough and he gave me mullet instead of a chic pixi cut, and weirdest, awkward bowl cut instead of bob. I look ugly, I don't care. But that experience made me detest the idea of having someone to cut my hair. If anyone have to mess with my hair it better be me.

Second brave step that I took in june is buying a lenses for my camera! I thought that it would be a waste of money. That I would never understand how to use it and hate it. But turns out I love it so much for product photo shoot, and it help to take the prettiest portrait I've ever done. I'm looking forward to get a pancake lenses someday. So there's a little blurry picture from my new 50mm lenses..

and Eid Mubarak people!

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June Favorite: Favorite combo


Some products work better when combine. So this June I have more products in my list.

Unplesant online shopping experience:


I've been shopping online for most of the time. Because even with the shipping fee, it cost less than the counters (even with occasional 20% discount). I might say that I'm the master of online shopping, I've been shopping from facebook, Instagram, from forums, big online store (e.g socciola, sephora.co.id etc). I never been scammed, because when you shop a lot you'll grow some kind of ability to spot scammer and those who are legit.

I ordered Maybelline the blush Nudes, from Lazada, 5th June 2016. Since, it was Sunday my order was confirmed the next day, which is 6th June 2016. later I got a notification said that my item had been shipped. So I expected it to be arrived on 8th June 2016 (Because it takes 2-3 days for package from Jakarta to Jogja to be delivered). But in the website it had a little notice saying that the item would probably deliver around 9th-13th June 2016. So, It was 9th June, I had to work, so I told my baby bro to wait for the package. But it hasn't come yet... "Well maybe tomorrow!". So it still hasn't come yet the next day.

Since it is been the 4th day after it was being shipped, I started to get worry. I not only notify my baby bro to wait for the package, but also my neighbor. I check their website try to find where was my package. But.... when I open the website the only thing that I found is..... the same status from 4 days ago "Pesanan akan dikirim melalui Kurir internal Lazada 1 hari kerja setelah sms notifikasi pengiriman diterima.", "Your order will be shipped by Lazada's Internal Courier Service 1 day after the shipping notification SMS has been received". So I click every link in the website try to decode what does this mean.. So Is it on the way? is it in jogja yet? is it already out for delivery or what... So the only thing that I found is "my item being shipped by LEX", which is the Lazada's Internal Courier Service. Unlike other shipping service, which you could track where your item is. This just helpless.... They just gave me the same status "Pesanan akan dikirim melalui Kurir internal Lazada 1 hari kerja setelah sms notifikasi pengiriman diterima". Sooo frustrating.

Finally at 11th June 2016, on the way home from work, I got an sms notification that said "We are delivering your order xxxxxxxxx today by LEX". So I rush home with fast food on my had, because I'm afraid that I will miss the delivery guy. So I wait and wait.. Everytime I heard a motor cycle was coming I will run to the front door.. I kept doing it until I was too tired and decided to take a nap. So the delivery guy just hasn't came yet. So I think that I had enough, so I try to call the costumer service. Guess what..they don't have any, I tried to check the very bottom part where the usually have contact link. it's not there. I only found a live chat with no operator since it past 4 P.M... I just so helpless and clueless about my package where about..

So I decided that it is too late at night, and they would probably not send my package today. Since it's Saturday night and there a lot of boarding house around my house, there always be a motorcycle passing and slowing down. I decide to stop torturing myself, because I was so tired and need to relax. So I took a bath, put on my mask and rant on snapchat. Then, in the middle of retaking rant snap, someone called me. I knew it right away this must be my delivery guy. Anddd yes it is! I told him the direction to my house and 10 minutes later I have my package.. So I received the package around 8 PM with the mask on and shocked delivery guy.
Moral from the story... Choose a shopping mall with a legit costumer service you could call. So you wouldn't have to waste all energy to worry your package whereabouts..

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