Bikini Body for December


Who have summer in December? Australians do! One Tuesday, after a little chit chat accompany with delicious Sweet strawberry tart and a lunch in an Aceh Restaurant. I think I need to burn some calories and diminish some fat to look great in swim suit. I choose to bike around, since its fun and I had bike, Lol.
1st try, I bike for 4 km took a rest at KFC and order Mocca Float (ouch, so failed), But on the way back home I took a 6 km route.
2nd try I took the same route, but instead of stop at KFC, I went to Superindo (Supermarket) to do a little errand for my brother.
3rd try I took a longer route, 8 km with some stop at “Universal”  DVD rental store, I rent 5 title of old movies, and a little chit chat near my place with friends.
4th try, I took longer route like 11 km, I start late than usual, and the street weren’t as crowded as usual, so I took a chance to add more km and visit my friend on the way back home, and took my package from my cousin place.

Acctually since it’s a rainy season, any outdoor sport activities isn’t such a great idea. I hardly bike this past week because of the weather. But here is some tips to be enthusiast to workout.

Halloween 2013


Okay I didn't go to any Halloween party, I just got home from the parent meeting from my brother school, order some Chinese food and then had date with my dentist. But night is still long, it's Halloween, everybody dress up, and I'm feeling creative. I put some make up and Tadaaa...

I dress as Nü gui, in chinese folkore this ghost is the spirit of a woman who committed suicide while wearing a red dress. Usually, she met with some injustice when she was alive, such as being wronged or sexually abused. She returns to take her revenge.The dress, I got it for Chinese new year in 2012, My cousin ask me, "Did you watch the horror movie about the girl who killed while wearing a red dress, and then the spirit haunt the killer for revenge". What an info sis, and such an inspiration.
Eventually I got extra time and creativity left from last night that I try to make some gore...
All I use only tissue, eyelid glue, some foundation and dark brown shadow and red nail polish.
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