This is not my first blog, I don't even remember when and where I blogged for the first time. Back then I was actively blogging in blogger and tumblr. I even have a quite number of follower. But this past 3 years, I was so busy with whole studying and "have a live" thing. More over, the bad internet connection make it even harder. So I hardly ever post anything or follow any update.

At that time blogging help me to keep update with latest trend in fashion, actualities etc. I've created 6-7 blog as far as I remember. I decided to kill them all and keep this blog and my tumblr with me.

As a fresh start I did a big makeover for this blog. I change the layout, make a header, and deleted the old post. Why This blog need makeover? a change motivate you, fill you with the brand new energy that lead you into the new excitement. We need to keep our life full of excitement, why? We don't wanna go old with a dull life and have nothing to tell.

I just keep the layout simple with brown paper background and poster look like header. The image for the header come from here. Paper texture for the background come from here and font come from here.

What will be here?
I'll post every single thing I care and interested about, maybe I'll try some recipes or do a craft project, or just simply post about interesting place to visit (around the world), a little tips about this and that. Maybe I'll post mostly about general girl thing like fashion, beauty etc, but you'll never found me doing a "What I wear today" photo nor a make-up tutorial by me, because I'm not a daily stylish person and I only do a little make-up. I'll post only positive and inspiring things.

Your grammar is wrong! or Y U Sound weird?
Well English is not my first language, So excuse me. I just wish more people would understand me if I use English is an international language. Pardonez-moi!

No one here yet.
okay, I'll stop writing as if there is someone read this blog.

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