HAUL: Birthday Girl Discount!

June is my birthday month, so I use the member privilege to spend a little more here and there.

The face shop

they offer 30% discount all items, no minimum purchase. here some item that I got.

I've tried their face mask, sadly they were irritating, but anyway I still want to try the other one. I also got lot's of Clean Face Spot Clear Intensive Patch the were on sale and I used them a lot.

Years ago, when I'm going to buy an eyelash curler the shop attendant suggest me to try this premium eyelash curler instead of the regular one since it's much wide and I could reach all my lashes at once. But I think my eyes aren't that big I don't need that. With the regular one I should do it twice and sometime the weren't curl nicely.

I Tried the eye lips makeup remover from this line a long time ago. When I took the bottle and shake it, I notice how light the formula is, so I decided to give it a try.

I have no comment on this purchase,far left is a quick drying, the other 3 colors I just randomly pick. lol.

 I went to face shop again the next day and got green and teal nail polish.


 the other thing that I pick is the Volcanic Clay Black Heating Oil Mask, I've been wanting to try this kind of mask for a long time ago. And I also got the Charcoal Nose Strip just so the total would be the minimum to get the member discount.


I just got some accessories that I've always wanted and some stone and pearl for nails.



My sister been suggest me to experiment with false lashes. So I got some of them, I just basically chose the lightest one.

I've always wanted to try the hypnoses doll mascara from lancome, so I went there to get the mascara, and then the shop attendant told me that there were the sale program at the department store. So I also pick the Lancome Mat Miracle 24H foundation in color O-06. I love the color so much. It match perfectly with my skin tone,



I wanted the Sigma f40 for a long time, Luxola have this 35% off make up and tools on June, 24th. I I got the bush set, Deborah lippmann nail polish in 'Call Me Irresponsible' and Mario Badescu  Eye Make-up Remover Gel Non Oily. I've been wanted to try this remover since I saw it in Kim Na Young of oiseau88 video on youtube. I also got 20SGD gift card.. Yay1




My friend Dita, gave me a surprise visit and got me this amazingly cute and soft floral scented potted flower. I've already imagine put then on my vanity.


My brother get me my own mirror, since I keep borrowing his. I've been using it a lot to apply my skin care and make up everyday.


I could say this is the best one. Hello kitty cooking appliances, I got this from my cousin. She knew really well that I'm obsesses with hello kitty and hello kitty food decor. I will try them soon.

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