Aesop in Bathroom

I'm quite addicted to Aesop product, that would be the first thing that I would buy when I travel abroad (Aesop haven't opened their store here yet). While searching for inspiration for my bathroom I found these simple bathroom with Aesop bottle so stunning, yet blend with the simplicity around. More image after jump.

How's life lately?

I've been trapped inside this house since my return from Hong Kong. I can leave house if I want. But I will felt super guilty over my paperwork (due next Thursday and which unlucky I haven't started yet). What happen to my life lately:
1. I just came home from Hong Kong and I one thing I regret is I don't bring a luggage big enough.
2. I hope that this is my final year, In order to obtain my diploma I should finish writing undergraduate thesis. which I haven't really start. (Super Lazy)
3. We'll move out from our house, and plan to buy or build  a house. So soon enough, I will put many picture about interior design and all the thing.
4. I want to buy a new camera pocket, and new cellphone, with limited budget, I should decide which one I would buy.
5. Mosquitoes, I caught at least 3 or them in my room 'everyday'. wtf, I never been attacked by little insect like this. Good thing we'll move out soon, but still at night I couldn't sleep, because they fly near my ears.
6. have you seen new Trouble Maker MV Now? check them right now! I don't think the story line good enough, but Hyuna and (especiallly) Hyun Seung really rocking their new look.
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