July Favorite: Timeless pieces

I don't feel wearing makeup since I'm still in mourning period, so I guess that I'll do a fashion item favorite this month. Believe it or not, far before makeup I'm so much into fashion. I'll always try on and experimenting in latest trend. But over the time I realize that I waste a lot of money in some trendy pieces that I use once. But makeup unlike fashion, one eye shadow palette create thousand looks and nobody would care if you use the same foundation everyday. Now, everytime I go shopping for a fashion pieces I would ask my self "Could I wear this 100 times and be okay being seen in this pieces? So here is it some super basic fashion pieces that I use over and over this month.

1. Les Catino Missouri Ice Crossbody (Zalora)

2. Charles and Keith Transparent Heeled Sandals

3. H&M Black Shorts

4. Giordano Solid V Neck Tee

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Do it Better: Keep your Colourpop Eyeshadow Wet

I am obsess with Colourpop eye shadows, aside the wide range of colors and affordable price 5 USD (Or around 90k IDR in some OS), we are addicted to bouncy feel, Smooth texture and how pigmented these shadows are. In the application tips section (on the bottom of the page), they told not to forget closed the lid tightly to make sure not to lose the magic  that make the shadow feels amazing. 

If you have bunch of Colourpop eye shadows, you won't have much time to twist the lid tightly to make sure none of magic (or the secret ingredient, that make the eye shadows amazing, dry up). Store them in air tight container, You could easily find one and they are totally affordable.

The air tight container that I use is Biokips, you could buy it at Ace Hardware. They often held  up to 50% sale, so each container would cost around 17k IDR to 50k IDR (2 USD to 5 USD) according to the volume.

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