Beauty Emergency: Surviving the Ash Rain

Another vulcanic eruption, another ash rain. Mount Kelud in Blitar (200 km away from where I life) erupted last night. And this morning the entire city covered by vulcanic ash. The ash start falling around 5.00 until around 9.00. And it hasn't been raining until this moment ,making the ash flying everywhere. Even when I closed all the window and the door, somehow this tiny ash find it's way to come in. 

A Cup of Tiramissu

It's been a while since I really post something. I'd like to share to you my Tiramisu try out. After I tried it, I knew that Tiramisu is easy to make and almost foolproof. You could find all the ingredient easily and you didn't need much tools, an electric mixer (or even a whisk) is enough.
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